Empower Network Events give Breakthroughs!

I have met some amazing people online and an exact example of attraction marketing, which for me means attracting people in your business who compliments you is meeting Aussie Entrepreneur Mum, Victoria!.   Tonight I had the great please to co-host with Victoria who took flight to Miami for an adrenalin pumping MasterMind Internet Marketing event last month. If you ever lose you mojo than pop into the Franchise from Home team to meet some awesome mums and dads who all inspire each other like we did here. Now this little hangout literally had my kids banging on the door for attention but it also had some real little secrets that Victoria shared.

Watch the replay here where Victoria will share with you all her "light bulb" moments, unexpected discoveries and raw realisations from her recent trip to the Miami Freedom Event!

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Breakthroughs and Empower Network Events


A great insight into what happens at an Empower Network event.

Get to the next event!


Eric Marr.

How to write and Publish your own eBook for your Business

This week I launched my FIRST eBook and so I was so excited to be invited onto Franco Simple Freedom Training to teach you ALL how to write and publish your own eBook for your Business. Now what I have been teaching my TEAM is the skills in EN can be applied to ANY business and also my mantra is have FUN. Be Creative! So Enjoy the video. There is awesome content here by Franco as he goes through other Tools fo the trade including Leadpages. My part is about an hour in.

Here are some of my notes

An Ebook is a great little bonus offer you can write to attract leads and builds a relationship with people.

It is not very difficult and with just a bit of planning you can do it.

Step 1: Coming up with the IDEA

-      An easy way is to brainstorm what challenges you have overcome in your business.

-     Some example of an ebook is compiling all your favourite blog posts using Zinepal.com! This is a core training in your 15K Product on the Viral Blogging System.

The idea for my ebook was while I was chasing the dream of working online my health and spending time with my family was starting to suffer. I fully believe in working to make it work but you also need balance. I find people either get stuck in training and then are too paralysed with fear to do anything.

Step 2 Write out a Framework of your eBook

Over a week I drafted the Table of Contents, some ideas around content and I had a few core nuggets which was the focus. 

Step 3 (Optional) Outsource a Ghostwriter/Editor to review and finish the book.

Optional. I found with a little extra help I could get this book up to standard and finished. Otherwise I would have procrastinted and not do it. I use elance.com but you will see in my eBook there are a list of resources I recommend to outsource. It is good to find someone to trust and review their work and depending on your budget and timeframe.

Step 4 (Optional) HAVE fun and do a mini Photoshoot. For $50 I got some photos done working at the beach I can use on all my marketing

Step 5 : Graphic design

Once you a happy with the draft  go over to Fiverr or Warrior Forum to get the cover and or the inside done. Depending on your budget from $5 plus.


Now you have your own eBook to market online on your Fanpage, Emails, Capture pages and Banners.



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Lisa's first ebook


A great new ebook from my sponsor.

Happy 3rd Birthday to my baby boy


Celebrating Sean's 3rd birthday.

Live Hangout - Confessions From The Dave's

Tonight was one of the most powerful hangouts we've done since the start of Empower Network.

Lives were empowered, people broke down in tears and we grew stronger - together.

If you didn't watch the hangout live, click the play button above and watch it now. This hangout proves an important point.

That we're not just an opportunity, an 'Internet thing' or Network Marketing company.

We're more than that, we're a movement, one that empowers people to step into their own greatness in their own unique way.

Click the play button above, watch the hangout and leave me your comments below.

Love ya,

- David Wood


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To your Prosperity!

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My boy completes Kindy


Brendan at his last day at Kindy for the year. His buddy Jacob is going to High School next year.

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